Xtraklear Services

Xtraklear Services

Xtraklear Services

Your go-to solution for pristine exteriors. Specializing in window cleaning, exterior building cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, moss removal, roof stain removal, and property maintenance, we ensure your property shines inside out. Our expert team guarantees impeccable results, leaving no surface untouched. With Xtraklear Services, clarity meets excellence.

Window Cleaning Inside & Out

  • Admire Vancouver Island's breathtaking views from XTRAKLEAR windows—among the best in the world! An expert window cleaner's XTRAKLEAR perspective of the outside world can improve the appearance of your house or place of business.

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Fearful of the debris in your gutters or the waterfall that crashes into your land each time it pours rain? Have you noticed that your eavestrines appear to be growing plants from your garden as well? Or is it simply the knowledge that you're prepared for whatever the seasons have in store?

We complete the task in a safe and comprehensive manner, and to alleviate your worry, we'll show you before and after photos.  Do your gutters have any leaky areas, missing strainers, hanging downpipes, or other maintenance problems? No issue, we also carry that out!

    Moss Treatment and Removal

  • We understand that moss belongs in the forest and on trees, and it's a necessary component of a hanging basket, but it shouldn't be growing on your roof or other external surfaces. Allow our team to carefully remove and treat any unwanted moss and ensure that it stays where it belongs. For our tried-and-true method of safely and gently removing moss from your roof or exterior surface and preventing its regrowth, we exclusively use ecologically friendly solutions.

    ​Power Washing and Exterior Cleaning

  • Are you under any pressure to pressure wash? Observing that the sheen on your outside has diminished slightly? Weeds, filth, trash, and dirt can be said farewell with a little extra assistance from our superior exterior cleaning services. Check out the outcomes on your surfaces! To ensure that all we leave behind is your smile, our meticulous and exact pressure experts attend to every detail that your house or place of business deserves. 


  • When it comes to your house or place of business, it is equally true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Have the amiable XTRAKLEAR crew clean and maintain your windows, gutters, roof, and external surfaces to keep it in top condition and increase its worth.
Xtraklear ServicesXtraklear ServicesXtraklear ServicesXtraklear ServicesXtraklear ServicesXtraklear Services